Bamboo Rustles Camp

Bamboo Rustles Camp is a unique nature camp and great place to go camping or enjoy a stay at our boutique rammed earth cottages.

Surrounded by forested hills on all sides, you can laze on a hammock under a tamarind tree, jump into our rustic jungle pool, go for nature treks, enjoy our tree house, walk the ropeway bridge, go kayaking, enjoy a jeep ride, enjoy the starlit sky, barbeque your food, strum your guitar and have the birds wake you up in the morning.

Come experience Bamboo Rustles with your friends and family!

Stay at Bamboo Rustles Camp

Each forest we visit has something different to offer. From bird life, frogs, reptiles to marine life in the Andamans, we have handcrafted several wildlife tours for a variety of audiences with a curiosity about our natural world.

School Camps
Every year we take hundreds of school children of various ages out for camps to biodiversity rich regions. Our school trips combine ecological study with fun, adventure and cultural experiences.

Email or Call Kavan at 91-91086-62747
or Channa at +91-99647-52030

We are often out in the wild. So please email your enquiry if you can't reach us!!
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